About Me

My name is Donna Robertson Cuthbert. I am from ‘the Holm’ aka ‘Copshaw’ aka Newcastleton, Scotland, a place so good they named it thrice…surpasses New York so take that Big Apple! 

I now live in Nottingham and work with animals. That said, you can take the girl out of the Borders but you can’t take the Borders out the girl! 

There is no mystery to my art work, I draw what I know and like, be that landscapes or something furrier (landscapes with sheep are a double whammy!) No mystery, but I do hope there is magic!

I’m traditional in discipline and method but look for those moments, angles or expressions that evoke what scientists describe as ‘warm fuzzies’. I love history, animals, a good tale and creating ‘stuff’.

I live with 2 of the hairiest beasts known to man.  One a bearded, hippy haired human, the other a deaf feline with attitude! Neither like being brushed.

Whatever medium I work in, biro, watercolour or oil pastel my images are lovingly created to make someone, hopefully you, smile.

If you have any questions, please drop me a line. I am guessing they will be about this page but I will give any query my best shot… with the exception of maths problems, you are on your own there!